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Customer Success: Using Conceptual Design in state-of-the-art recycling systems

Ngày : (10/02/2015)

“We modularize as much as we can, but having a tool like SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design gives us a real edge over the competition when it comes to providing customers with more creative solutions to special requirements with fewer revisions.”


Taking Science to New Depths: Underwater Robots Designed in SOLIDWORKS

Ngày : (25/01/2015)

See how SeaBotix designs and customizes innovative surveillance robots with SOLIDWORKS 3D Solutions


Designing Robots by SOLIDWORKS

Ngày : (13/01/2015)

Love Robots? SOLIDWORKS might be for you!


Regents' Student Is Youngest Ever Student To Pass CSWA Mechanical Design Exam

Ngày : (06/01/2015)

Brandon Li, aged 12 and a student in Year 7 is now the youngest student to study and pass the CSWA examination in mechanical design and did so in the Design & Technology Department at Regents International School Pattaya.


New 3D Design Tools to Produce Better Products

Ngày : (19/12/2014)

Experience Greater Precision, Faster Operations, and Enhanced Communication


Attend a SOLIDWORKS 2015 Launch Event

Ngày : (19/08/2014)

See What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2015


A truly winning customer

Ngày : (13/08/2014)

Earlier in 2014 you may have read about how SOLIDWORKS was used to design the sled for the United States four-man Bobsled team that won a Bronze medal at theSochi Olympics.


World Cup: Simulating Stadium Foot Traffic in SOLIDWORKS

Ngày : (01/07/2014)

Flow streamlines are a good way to view where the crowd leaves to exit. The results below show that the movement of the crowd is hindered by the people leaving the stairs.


SOLIDWORKS 2015 Beta is now live!

Ngày : (30/06/2014)

Of course, as an added bonus, you get a hands-on preview of SOLIDWORKS 2015.


The Horse Riding 3DEXPERIENCE

Ngày : (17/06/2014)

Dassault Systèmes, in partnership with Eurosport and Hermès, has applied its 3D technology and know-how to equestrian sport to give TV viewers remarkable new insights into showjumping and how it works.


Welcome to our 3DEXPERIENCE FORUM in Singapore

Ngày : (15/06/2014)

This year is about ‘’Doing business in the Age of Experience’’


What do people mean when they talk about

Ngày : (16/05/2014)

For the last few decades, we have seen more and more simulation tools integrated in CAD systems. This positive trend made simulation accessible to all product engineers.


SOLIDWORKS in the Top 10 Engineering Advancements of the 21st Century

Ngày : (12/05/2014)

The millennium's inaugural years have ushered forth a momentum of discovery and creation that will set a new pace for decades.


SolidWorks Promotion

Ngày : (03/03/2014)

Take part in SolidWorks Promotion to enjoy Nha Trang Summer Tourist, receive discount and interesting gifts... Let's go!

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