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1. You can raise the competitive bar! Your competition is using traditional 2D systems cannot afford to win when your quotations are presented as a 3D tool design—faster and more accurate turnaround!


2. Product designers are producing 3D data for better and more innovative designs. If you are using 2D you are limited and therefore cannot improve your customer satisfaction or your bottom-line. There is no future in 2D!


3. 3DQuickQuote can generate accurate information for quotations enabling your estimators to know your bottom line faster. More quotations = more business.  Estimators make more efficient and accurate quotations thus improving sales productivity and reducing the cost of sales.


4. 3DQuickPress is the only solution to migrate your operation to a 3D company in the shortest period of time. 3DQuickPress can reduce the learning curve in progressive die design and by using 3D it can attract a younger generation to enter the industry.


5. Reviewing and checking 2D drawings takes a lot of time therefore, by using 3D you can  improve communication. An experienced die maker can understand 3D models in minutes and give feedback to other designers quicker. 


6. 3DQuickPress's Production-Ready Library allows the user to customize their design know-how, re-use their designs and create drawings automatically from their designs. Accurate BOM and section views can be produced in seconds once you complete your design in 3D.6. 


7. Tooling modifications happen in every project. 3DQuickPress is a flexible design tool allowing the designer to change a design at any stage. 3DQuickPress associates the metal part, strip layout and die set making modifications much easier.


8. 3DQuickPress can handle metal parts ranging from tiny connectors to large casings. 3DQuickPress can handle progressive dies, transfer dies and single operation dies.


9. CAM software can directly machine from 3D data therefore reducing programming time and accuracy of re-modeling the die components.


10. Why design in 2D when the physical tool is 3D? Designing and engineering a tool as a virtual prototype is logical and practical—Components tend to fit the first time avoiding costly material, time, and quality issues! 

Source: 3D QuickTools 







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